Assassin's Creed 3 is going to be epic and there are several reasons for that. Since the first Assassin's Creed game no other game in the franchise had so many years in development; a total of 3 years according to Ubisoft. That was a smart move since the players were already getting a bit tired of the annual releases (just like with COD).

However the biggest reason why it is going to be great, aside from the epic proportions of the game, is Connor, our brand new Assassin. And according to Ubisoft's new trailer their new engine, Anvil Next, is what gels the whole experience together.

The trailer tells us a bit more about the Anvil Next and explains how it has allowed Ubisoft to radically improve the overall Assassin's Creed experience. As the trailer describes, Anvil Next is able to "render seamless worlds of infinite possibility". I guess by that they are referring to the dynamic weather system (affecting the Frontiers, cities and high seas) and also the randomly wild animals that are a first for the franchise.

This proprietary technology has also allowed them to create single sequences within which players will encounter up to 2000 non-player characters! This would indicate the bustling cities of Boston and New York and also the massive battles expected to take place in the Frontiers.

But at the center of it all lies Connor, Ubisoft's "most complex and technically advanced assassin to date". Ubisoft has designed 1000 new animations for Connor and thanks to this fact they have labeled him "the most detailed third-person action character ever created".

New assassin with killer dual wielding combat technique, and amazing accuracy and fluidity in his movements; massive natural landscapes inclusive of wild life; epic battles and massive cities containing 2000 NPCs; naval battles; and powering it all a brand new engine - the Anvil Next. What is there not be psyched about AC3?

Check out the Anvil Next trailer here:

Blog by Shahriar Azad