Details and footage of Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls has been recently shown off at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 27th. Quantic Dream's director for the game, David Cage revealed details about the games overall length and average game experience for most players at the Film Festival, saying that Beyond: Two Souls will take players on average 10 hours to complete, giving it a similar completion time as David Cage's other well-known title, Heavy Rain.

The game does have multiple choices to make in the game that will affect the ending in some way, giving the player an incentive to play through the 10 hour storyline again to experience all of the possible story that Beyond: Two Souls carries.

Although the Tribeca Film Festival showed footage of Beyond: Two Souls, anyone that missed the event and is interested in watching what the game has to offer can watch the new trailer that has also been released alongside the Tribeca Film Festival reveal. The trailer shows beautiful graphics for the game, and explains for the emotional driven interactive story line that David Cage has helped initiate into Beyond: Two Souls.

Are you looking forward to Beyond: Two Souls? The game releases on Oct 8th.