EVE Developer CCP Games has announced that DUST 514 will enter full release on May 14th, opening up the game to the public and allowing anybody with a PS3 to jump in and play. The game had previously been in Beta whilst CCP tweaked parts of the game, but now that the DUST 514 release date is seen just two weeks ago, it won't be long before all PS3 players can enjoy the experience.

DUST 514 was developed to be a free to play massive multiplayer online shooter that allowed players to fight over territory and make decisions that would directly impact the gameplay of CCP's other popular game, EVE Online. 

EVE Online players can also get involved with DUST 514 players by sending orbital strikes and other equipment down to a planet that PS3 players may be playing on.

If players are interested, a limited edition EVE Online box set can be purchased for $149.99, and will include a 190 page hardbook cover explaining EVE's success since its launch in 1997. Players will also receive a mystery code that will offer "special privileges" in the future, although these privileges haven’t been explained, and whether they have an effect on DUST 514 hasn't been stated either.