infamous second son tv

If you're not already excited for InFamous Second Son, then a new TV Spot released on YouTube should make you at least a little bit more interested in the upcoming action title for PlayStation 4.

InFamous Second Son features Delsin Rowe as the protagonist, a 24 year old Native American street artist that has a few special powers most street artists unfortunately do not have the capabilities to hold.

This includes being able to "absorb" special abilities from others, and Delsin Rowe can also manipulate smoke and electricity. Of course, government officials aren't gonna' be happy with this, or his street art, and because of this, the DUP, a government branch that has been given the task to control humans with supernatural powers, has flagged Delsin Rowe as a bioterrorist.

The TV trailer unfortunately doesn't show much apart from a lot of explosions, a few bad guys, the occasional smirk, and a lot of special energy power being thrown around. There's no real gameplay in there, but the graphics that can be seen show that we're definitely in for a treat when the game is released. Most critics seem to be very excited about the game after playing press builds, and it's definitely going to be a title that's worth the wait.

I personally cannot wait to get my hands on the title. InFamous Second Son has been confirmed to be released later this quarter, on March 21st, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.