Titanfall beta 2 million

As far as beta's go, Titanfall's was pretty damn successful. In fact, the developers behind Titanfall have revealed that the game had received around 2 million unique players after the beta was opened up to the public.

Respawn Entertainment have revealed that the upcoming FPS shooter title has been very successful in it's beta stage, and the huge amount of players have helped the development team to spot some bugs and game mechanic exploits thanks to the dozens of players that live streamed or uploaded video footage to thousands of viewers.

Many gamers were making the remark that a beta this late into a game's development isn't really a beta at all, and is instead just a glorified demo. Whilst it's true that any major gameplay decisions can no longer be adjusted, I do think that the beta did some good for the development of Titanfall.

Firstly, Respawn's servers were put under pressure, and what better way to test servers than to open up the game for everybody to play for free for one weekend? I'm pretty confident that there will be very little server issues when Titanfall is released fully.

Secondly, thanks to all of the streams, videos and social media, the Titanfall developers can easily track big game breaking bugs and exploits, and these should be patchable and ready for fix as a day one update, even if the game has gone gold.

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