New Mode for Borderlands

When you reach the highest level in Call of Duty multiplayer, you don't think twice about prestiging, and starting back at square one can be an entertaining challenge. But when a similar option is available in an RPG game that can take up to a hundred hours of gameplay to fully complete a first playthrough, it seems like a strange option to take.

However, many hardcore Borderlands 2 players did go through a second playthrough in Gearbox's True Vault Hunter mode after reaching level 50 for the first time, and some reached all the way to level 50 once again.

Gearbox have recently announced a third tier to your playthrough which will up gameplay difficulty, and will require you to reach level 50 on both the first playthrough and the second True Vault Hunter playthrough.

The third playthrough has been named 'The Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode' and will be included into the game in an upcoming free downloadable content pack.

The gameplay will be increased in difficulty by giving all enemies roughly four times as much health, and all enemies will have health regeneration skills. However, to make up for the increased difficulty, all Slag weapons will do an extra 3x damage, and weapon switching will be sped up to allow quicker switching to Slag weapons.

What are your opinions on the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode? Would you sit through another 50 to 100 hours of the game?