Microsoft may have announced their new console this year, but it seems that they aren't giving up on the current generation console, the Xbox 360, just yet, and to prove it, the company has announced a new Xbox 360 model.

So, after starting with the clunky Vanilla model back in 2005, Xbox then moved to the multi-tiered system with the Pro, Arcade, and the Elite, and then went to redesigning the whole package in a much smoother and a whole lot quieter Xbox 360 Slim.

The new Xbox 360 Slim is perfect for me, but it seems Microsoft still want to release yet another round of the console.

This time round, their console resembles the Xbox One a little whilst still remaining the curved edges and front plates we're so used to seeing on every 360 model to date.

The new console also seems to be pretty cheap to- you'll be able to get the new Xbox 'E' for just 129.99 Euros in the UK. (around $200 in the US.)

If you haven't got an Xbox 360, this would probably be a decent time to get one. Whilst there are a lot of games lined up already for the new Xbox One, the 360 still has a bunch of old games going for cheap and it has had an amazing line-up of games this year and will be able to play a few games also designed for the next gen consoles such as Battlefield 4 and Destiny.