So it seems this time round DICE and EA have decided to partner up with Microsoft instead of Sony to offer timed exclusivity to the new Xbox One.

Battlefield 4 players will be able to get a map pack, named the Second Assault earlier than on any other console. We've already seen this kind of model on previous games, including Battlefield 3, a game that had timed exclusivity for the PlayStation 3.

Whilst this doesn't really strike up much of an issue (every console will have access to the maps at some point) it does bring up the need for a discussion on publishers and their attempts to turn every developer's actions into a bunch of cash.

Publishers have been strict on developers, forcing them to include day one DLC, season passes and exclusive deals for specific platforms. This can be an unsavory experience for us gamers, and makes us feel like nothing more than consumers of a product instead of gamers of a game that’s been developed by a passionate and driven development team.