new xbox ui

The new Xbox One experience has now been released across all internet-connected Xbox One consoles. The new update brings a completely new UI redesign and adds a few new features onto the console software as well.

The most talked about feature of the Xbox One experience is of course the backwards compatibility feature. Backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 titles is now possible and for the most part it works very smoothly with all backwards compatible games.

In the new UI you'll get a new Xbox Home that is very simple to use. Within the new Xbox Home you are able to share achievements and game clips to friends within seconds. Finding out what your friends are playing has become more convenient as well. For the most part, everything has become more connected, more social and more streamlined.

The Xbox Dashboard button has been reworked too - you're now given a game guide that can be accessed from within any game or app, or even from the home screen. The new dashboard has definitely taken a step or two in the right direction.

The new user interface is also working really well and it's the UI that has been getting less attention than it deserves. The new UI elements have all been inspired by community feedback so this new Xbox One experience is the closest we've ever been to having it exactly how the community wants it.

If you own an Xbox One you should check out the new UI refresh. The new changes have definitely been welcomed by the community.