fallout 4 game crash bug

A new game crash has been found in Fallout 4 and it could cause some issues with your current game experience. With any game of this scale, it's not surprising that a potential game breaking bug has been found in Fallout. In fact, it's great that there haven't been any more game breaking bugs being found in Fallout 4 just yet.

Thankfully, most of the bugs and glitches in Fallout 4 are hilarious, true to Bethesda's development style. One bug isn't so funny, however. This bug happens when players head to Mosignor Plaza during a settlement quest. If you attempt to travel to the area, the game will either crash to the desktop or stop responding, depending upon what platform you are running the game on.

So far, players from the Xbox One, PS4 and the PC have complained this bug happens, so whilst it does not occur all of the time it does seem to be quite common for those who follow the same steps listed above. The good news is that the bug has been posted in the Bethesda forums so it's likely to be seen by the right people. The exact reproduction for this bug is also quite easy to follow so from a development standpoint it should not be that difficult to fix. Hopefully we'll see a fix to this bug in the next update for Fallout 4.

Perhaps we'll even see a fix to this bug before the end of November.