Overwatch is a new class based shooter that has taken Twitch by storm over the past couple of weeks. The game has recently been released in beta and a lot of players have expressed their praise for the title. At Blizzcon this week, some details were revealed about Overwatch, including a release date.

According to the Overwatch developers, the game should hopefully be available in Spring 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Spring release date will be for the full game and not just another beta.

In Overwatch, players play on either of two teams, both of which have six players on. Each player can choose between a selection of 21 different characters. These characters are known as Heroes in Overwatch and they all have their own special abilities, play styles and weapons. So far, most of the Heroes were playable in the Overwatch beta, but some of the Heroes were not.

At Blizzcon, the Overwatch developers revealed details on the last three Heroes. Details for these Heroes have been provided below.

Genji: A cybernetic ninja, is an expert assassin capable of extraordinary feats of agility, including reflecting enemy attacks with his blade.

D.Va: A former pro-gaming superstar who pilots an experimental military mech in defense of her home country.

Mei: Travels the globe applying her scientific expertise to protect the natural world; in battle, her arsenal of climate-manipulating technology has the power to put the opposition on ice.