xperia z3 driveclub remote play - CopyAt IFA this year, Sony revealed their brand new Xperia Z3, a newly upgraded Android smartphone with new hardware and software features. One of the most interesting additions to the Xperia Z3, and especially for us here at Evil Controllers, was the inclusion of remote play for the Xperia Z3.

Remote play is already a feature that has been made available on the PS Vita, but since the Xperia Play which released a few years ago, we've not seen any PlayStation-Xperia crossovers since.

The remote play feature will allow players to play PlayStation 4 games from their Xperia Z3, and through Bluetooth pairing, they will also be able to connect up their DualShock 4 controller to their Xperia smartphone too.

Whilst remote play will allow players to play any game on their Xperia Z3, a new trailer focuses on DriveClub, and the remote play can be seen in action within the trailer. The new remote play features will also be made available for the Xperia Z3 tablet, and the Xperia Z3 Compact.

Sony have not yet given any details on whether previously release Android smartphones and tablets will release the same remote play treatment, but it would make sense that Sony reserve it for their newest devices to help bring sales to their new Android lineup.

This is definitely a good move by Sony in my opinion, and it will open up more possibilities for the average player within the PlayStation 4 gaming ecosystem.