battlefield 5 developed

Now that DICE has been hired to work on Battlefront, a lot of Battlefield fans have understandably been concerned about the future of the Battlefield series. Fortunately there's a lot of good news as far as new Battlefield development goes. On a new Twitter post, DICE's development director Dan Vaderlind revealed that he has now left the Battlefront team to focus on their next game, which will be a Battlefield title.

Whilst there will still be a team at DICE dedicated to Battlefront, the main focus at DICE will now be towards developing the next Battlefield game. Considering that Battlefield 4 launched with a number of issues and DICE asked Visceral Games to help with Hardline, there's definitely a lot of anticipation on how DICE will deliver the next Battlefield title. No launch date has been set for Battlefield 5, (Or whatever else it may be called.) and we currently have no promotional material out of DICE's offices yet, but it's suggested that the game will be launched in 2016. It is confirmed that the next Battlefield will return to its military roots, dropping the cops and criminals theme.

Currently DICE's latest title is of course Battlefront. Recently DICE launched the first DLC map for Battlefront, which included the Battle of Jakku map. Unlike future DLC, the Battle of Jakku was placed up for all players for free and it is not included as part of the season pass. With that being said, season pass owners did get a small head start on the new map.