Next-Gen Call of Duty Rumors

I guess there is no stopping the big bad Call of Duty machine. Even before Black Ops 2 is out there are already indications of another installment that will most probably be available for the next-gen consoles. There is no indication whether it will be the very next iteration of CoD but if it is the case then it would mean the next gen consoles are most definitely coming out in 2013.

There are multiple job listings and a resume from Infinity Ward that suggests that the studio's next game will for the next gen-consoles. According to the resume of Andrew Aye, Modern Warfare 3 engineer, Infinity Ward is currently working on an unannounced game which will be a available on PC with DirectX11 support, Xbox 360 and PS3.

The game will also be available on TBA (to be announced) platforms. The TBA platforms as anyone can guess are most definitely the next-gen consoles which have been heavily rumored to support DirectX-11.

This new reveal is not that surprising considering the fact that this isn't the first time we have seen evidence indicating Infinity Ward's next game will be on the next-gen consoles. There was a job listing put up in January which mentioned work on "next-gen technologies".

Currently available listings on Infinity Ward's official site show that the studio is currently looking for a Senior Technical VFX artist "[who can] raise the bar for visual effects on current and next generation hardware” and a Senior Engineer "[to] implement gameplay systems and features for an exciting unannounced next generation console title."

For now IW has been busy creating downloadable content for Modern Warfare 3 and is currently working on DLC that is supposed to be launched in September. So what do you think gamers - is it MW 4? Do you think they will be revealing what they are working in the upcoming Gamescom?

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Blog Written by Shahriar Azad