Black Ops 2 Multiplayer

With Black Ops 2 only a few months away from release, many gamers are literally sitting on the edge of their seats to get a glimpse of the multiplayer. Treyarch has provided enough opportunities to see and experience the single player campaign of Black Ops2, which looks amazing by the way. This instalment of CoD is supposedly the biggest of all the games in the franchise.

They have already shown quite a bit of the campaign for us to get an idea of the scale they are going for. The sandboxy levels in the main game called Strike Force really got my attention. The popular Zombies mode is also making a comeback is supposed to be a stand along game by itself! Considering all this, I am really hopeful about Black Ops 2. That is exactly why the wait is that much worse.

Even though nothing was officially revealed about the multiplayer just about enough has been mentioned to get us all riled up. First of all, Treyarch claims to have built the whole multiplayer component from the ground up which would in effect change how perks, classes etc. work.

One big example of this is the overhauled class system. It came out as a rumor but soon enough was confirmed by the devs. A player now has 10 points to spend on equipment. This is a big change from the fixed system of 1 primary weapon, 1 secondary weapon, 1 tactical equipment and grenades.

Thanks to this point system players now have a choice of creating a completely custom class with no restrictions. I am dying to see how this system actually works. Also another bit of info was that now players can select two PRO Perks in order to get access to a perk with greater effect or "Elite" perk.

See Black Ops 2 multiplayer in action here:

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