Last week a new gameplay video of Killzone Shadowfall's multiplayer was shown off and it looked spectacular. Besides the amazing graphics, the gameplay looked enjoyable and fast-paced and it was clear the developers of Shadowfall have taken inspiration from many different games to create what looks like a smooth and exciting experience.

The only problem that did seem to come to our minds was that the user interface and game information shown on screen may end up being too much for split-screen players or those playing on a small screen.

However, it has been revealed this week that Killzone Shadowfall will not even have any split-screen options. This is understandable as it looks as if the user interface just won't support smaller screens. At the same time though, it is a little disappointing because the PlayStation 4 clearly should have enough power to have a split screen mode working on a launch window game, and if it doesn't, it's unlikely we'll see much improvement in graphics as the PS4 grows older.

We've seen a lot less games have split screen in the last few years, and it seems Xbox, Sony and game developers are expecting most gamers to either play online with friends or have more than one console in the house because it seems for most games this is the only way multiplayer can be done.

Do you think more games should have split screen options or do you think it's a commodity in games that very little players still make use of?

Personally I feel split screen allows players to share the couch and play in the same room, and that kind of environment just can't be beat by playing with someone in a different room or with someone online.