Lords of the Fallen is an RPG that first made it's voice heard at E3. There wasn't really much to look at apart from a teaser trailer, but that then followed with another trailer at Gamescom and it started to look very impressive.

Once again, Lords of the Fallen has managed to impress visitors of PAX with gameplay demos, and I must admit I am definitely looking forward to this game.

The cinematic trailer we've seen shows a character wearing heavy armor as he fights his way to what looks like a very powerful hammer. Later on in the trailer we find out that this very powerful hammer is indeed a very, very powerful hammer. What follows is a very intense battle against what looks like some kind of oversized balrog in a snowy arctic desert.

The game looks to be a very promising RPG title that most likely will take inspiration from games such as the Darksiders series.

The developers have said that they want each fight to feel like a Tekken or Street Fighter battle so it seems Lords of the Fallen will focus strongly on the combat system and will be enjoyable for people who prefer action RPGs over story-based RPGs.

It doesn't look as if the game will be out for a while yet though, although if we're lucky we may get a release late 2014 as this was the date recently announced.

Lords of the Fallen will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.