Even though NuckleDu fell into the loser's bracket at Fall Classic 2016, he managed to retain his playstyle and push him back into the grand finals and take a convincing victory.

Not only did NuckleDu take the grand final win, but he did so in the most convincing way possible with a double 3-0 finish. NuckleDu didn't have the easiest time getting to the grand finals, though, with some of his previous matchups being more of an interesting watch than the finals itself.

For example, NuckleDu lost against the infamous Rashid player Takeuchi "John Takeuchi" Ryouta. Despite the lack of good Rashid players, Takeuchi has come out of nowhere to take plenty of wins this year so far. Unfortunately, Takeuchi also lost out in a winners bracket match.

NuckleDu churned his way through the loser's bracket, fighting and winning against Raynel "RayRay" Hidalgo, Ricki Ortiz and Ludovic Mbock. Finally, NuckleDu's last challenge before the grand finals was against Takeuchi again in the loser's finals.

This time, NuckleDu came back with an undefeated look on his face, but Takeuchi still put up a fight. The loser's finals game ended with a 3-2 scoreline going in favor of NuckleDu.

After this, the quick, clean grand finals finish saw NuckleDu beat XsK_Samura 3-0 twice in a row. It would have been nicer to see a more challenging matchup in the grand finals of Fall Classic but this type of tournament bracket can sometimes lead to lesser skilled players making it to the winner's finals if any upsets happen early on.