If you've followed the Smash Brothers scene then you'll know that Mang0 has been a big player for a long time. It's no surprise that he has managed to capture a win in SSBM at Big House 6 this year.

Mang0, still under the Cloud 9 organization, hasn't had the best of results this first half, but it looks as if his performance at the older part of 2016 is seeing more success for him. The Big House 6 event saw some of the greatest Melee players make it participate. As a result, there were a lot of close matchups that Mang0 narrowly won.

Mang0 first when undefeated against Nintendude, The Moon, Ice and then put himself to the test against Armada and took the win 3-2 in the winner's semifinals. At this point, Armada dropped down to the loser's bracket.

Following Armada's story after his drop to the losers, Armada managed to take a win against the infamous Hungrybox and Mew2King to take his win in the loser's finals. Mang0 on the other hand hastily won the winner's finals to see a Armada versus Mang0 rematch in the grand finale.

Armada had a pretty stunning performance at the beginning, stealing the first set of three from Mang0 without much hesitation. That wasn't enough, though. Because Mang0 had already beaten Armada earlier in the tournament and knocked him down into the loser's brackets, Armada needed to win two best of three series.

Fortunately for Mang0, the Cloud 9 player managed to pull back and take the second series from Armada in a close 3-2 battle. After Mang0s down period, he has managed to pull back and secure the Big House 6 win as his third first place tournament finish this year.