Open World PC Games You Forgot Are Coming Out In 2022


Open world PC games are one of the most popular gaming genres out there for players who want to engage in immersive gameplay. Major studios try their level best to deliver unique games with modern physics and game mechanics, but only a few succeed. Nonetheless, the world of gaming continues to grow. Open world games are highly anticipated in 2022 from various studios that we are going to mention in our list.

Open World Games 2022

Following are some open-world PC games that will come in 2022.

Dying Light 2

Dying light 2 is the sequel to the classic zombie hit Dying Light, and is expected to hit the market around February of 2022. The first game got a lot of attention due to its realistic gameplay and soon became a favorite after its release in 2015. It was quite revolutionary compared to the other FPS games of that time.

The sequel is expected to introduce a new city, new characters, and hopefully some new zombie characters in it. The game also includes the voice and characters modeled after the famous TV actor, Rosario Dawson, who appeared in Daredevil, the TV series. We expect Dying Light to improve much of what it lacked in the first game.

Horizon: Forbidden West

Horizon: Zero Dawn became a sensation on consoles after its release back in 2017 and is all set to release for PC gamers soon. The sequel to this game was announced last year and is expected to release for PC gamers too.

The story of the game follows Aloy, the protagonist of the story, in a newer setting, with interesting environments. The game looks more alluring and colorful thanks to the work of the team at Guerilla Games. They will also be introducing new NPC characters into the game, to ensure there is more stuff to interact with.

We may also see better programming and overall game performance, making it highly anticipated for PC gamers in 2022.

Hogwarts: Legacy

Harry Potter games haven’t managed to meet the requirements of the public as most of the games have been a disappointment. We have not seen a AAA game with the Harry Potter franchise, because complexity is one of the prime reasons for it.

This time, Harry Potter Legacy is an open-world game that is the first installment of the expected series planned by Portkey Studios of WB. All eyes are on these games, as the latest trailer and teaser releases have set the bar quite high for the game.

Final Thoughts

Open-world PC games are undoubtedly one of the biggest genres of PC gaming and we expect 2022 to come in with several exciting AAA games for the PC fraternity. However, whether these games live up to expectations, is a separate story.