Fortnite Chapter 3 Review

Fortnite chapter 3 is here and it brings plenty of excitement and anticipation to the gaming industry. One of the most prominent and biggest changes that the game features is a completely new map. Playing this game will allow you to explore the bigger and better map, along with all of its POIs and secrets.

The Map and the Foundation

The map features a sanctuary and a giant statue. Close to the giant statue, you will have to fight with The Foundation. The Foundation refers to one of the most powerful characters in the game. When facing him, you run the risk of witnessing the power that was never seen before in the game. He is the toughest foe in the game and fighting him can involve a team of four that are all equipped with legendary level rifles.

This is because his HP is at a level 1000 and he can get you with incredibly overpowered attacks. If you do end up killing The Foundation, you get the chance to pick up an exclusive weapon which is one of the most powerful guns in the game. This puts you at an incredible advantage.

Later on, in the season, you can also expect to find weather hazards such as lightning strikes, storms, and tornados which will make the game even more Epic. All of these changes will be available in the first season of chapter 3.

Tent Feature

The all-new tent feature allows players to enjoy their own personal camps.   When exploring the island in the new fortnight game, you will come across abandoned tents that you can claim. If you deploy those camps, they open into your personal camp. Going into these camps allows you to rest inside and increase your hp and also store items inside. If you put any item in the tents as a store, they will stay inside the camp even if the next match starts.

Slide Around

This is another additional feature that will make the game more fun and exciting. By keeping the crouch button pressed, avatars will be able to slide across the island. When sliding down hills, you can travel at an insane speed. Not to mention, you will also be able to shoot while sliding. This is not only going to lead to amazing highlight reels, but also change the game dynamics and strategy.

New Characters

There are many character introductions to the game. One of the more talked-about skins is Spiderman and Dwayne Johnson.  You will also find Shanta and Ronin that have mysterious back-stories. Shanta also has many customizable styles where you can eventually upgrade her armor. On the other hand, you can change the colors of Ronin’s outfit with a secret helmet.

You also have Haven, who, according to her background story is a girl that lives in the treetops. She also brings up a much more primal feeling to the battle passes. Out of all the characters, Spiderman is the most anticipated collaboration of the game. For the final page of the battle pass, you can also find a darker version which comes with a built-in swinging mode.