Have you been playing much Overwatch recently? You may want to get back in game soon because the Eichenwalde map will be pushed to live servers soon. At the moment the map is planned for a PTR release, along with other changes. The PTR stands for public test realm and it features a number of features in Overwatch that players can test to help with development before they are pushed to live servers.

The PTR versions can sometimes have bugs or glitches but it's a great way for players to experience new content before it's officially released. Currently the PTR for Overwatch is only available on the PC, but with the latest addition of the Eichenwalde map on the PTR, we can get a glimpse of what the newest map will be like on all platforms.

Eichenwalde is based upon a small German town in Stuttgart. The town is abandoned and a lot of the buildings have taken considerable battle damage. Despite the serious damage to the town, the place is undeniably pretty and we cannot wait to see it get pushed to live servers.

Currently Eichenwalde features a game mode where one team must attack a castle with a battering ram whilst the other team must defend. Hopefully upon release Eichenwalde will support other game modes as well.

Will you be trying out Eichenwalde when it gets released? If you have a PC you can sign up to the PTR to test it out for yourself now.