New Rainbow Six Patch Released

A brand new patch for Rainbow Six Siege has been released for all platforms and it brings a number of balancing tweaks, among other changes. This new patch is labelled version 4.1 and the biggest inclusions in this patch are related to shotguns and the operator Pulse.

Let's start with the shotguns - if you've played Siege you'll know that the shotguns are a little over-powered. Ever since Frost got thrown into the mix, shotguns have been a very dangerous weapon to play against. In version 4.1, shotguns will now be less effective at long range. Damage at short range is also being reduced slightly, and medium range damage is said to be reduced by 25-30%. Valkyrie, Frost, Caveira, Thermite, Pulse and Castle will all be affected by these changes.

The changes to Pulse are also quite interesting and are certainly worth a mention. Pulse now takes longer to swap back to his weapon after using his heartbeat sensor. The difference in time has gone from 0.4 seconds to 1.2 seconds, so it's quite a dramatic change. An update about Pule from Ubisoft has been provided below.

"The previous update that we did on Pulse's Heartbeat Sensor not only made it more comfortable to use, but it also made him stronger since the frequency of the heartbeat detection updates became higher. Combined with the fact that it was possible to switch extremely fast from the Heartbeat Sensor to the main gun, this made him too strong--our gameplay stats and the community feedback made that very clear."