halo 5 orion exploits

Despite the small map pool on Halo 5, it looks as if there are still some issues that has caused 343 Industries to take some pretty extreme measures. One of the Arena maps for Halo 5 is called Orion - this map is a small spaced 4v4 map designed mostly for objective modes like Strongholds.

For now, Orion has been removed from the active map pool because there are currently a number of exploits that players have been using that 343 Industries would like to fix before reapplying to Halo 5 matchmaking.

Whilst 343 Industries did not list the exploits that are being fixed, it's very clear that there are some that were very advantageous. One exploit allowed players to use ground pound to glitch themselves out of the map - they could stay there without dying and could attack players from outside of the map.

On top of fixing Orion, 343 Industries has also stated that they are working on fixing up the spawn system - this seems to be an issue for some maps and game types, especially SWAT, which sees players respawning many times per game.

Fixing spawns in Halo isn't an easy task - when it comes down to it, spawn control is a very important Halo strategy, so hopefully 343 Industries make the necessary changes without having to adjust the base Halo spawn mechanics.

In other news, this week saw the addition of a Shotty Snipers playlist that should hopefully stay till the weekend.