PacMap brings a whole new world to wandering and gaming

Pac Man will give you Directions on your Cellphone

If youre tired of using a GPS simply for directions or locating places, and/or sick of your phone app game strictly being kept on the screen, Android now has the perfect game for you. With PacMap, roam the streets as you play your own version of the original PacMan game, incorporating your own neighborhood and using your own directional movements to control the game.

The application will simulate real-life PacMan stages using the Androids GPS function, adding on dots for you to eat by walking from place to place. All of the players movements will control the PacMan avatar. Furthermore, ghosts will appear in the stage and must be avoided as well. In order for the game to work, the player must be in an area with streets nearby, and preferably an area with a grid shaped street network.

This may be a very interesting game indeed. For example, the disclaimer on states, Warning! Dont play this game on a busy street! Dont put yourself in danger! Obey the traffic rules and regulations. This shows the game indeed is intended to be played both walking and in an automobile. I, myself, however, hope to never find myself in the same neighborhood as someone in a Range Rover staring at their Android screen playing PacMap (and probably eating and distracting themselves with numerous other interruptions. It seems as if it would be very dangerous to play this while driving, and should be kept strictly pedestrianbut that brings up the fact that not all streets are open to casual strollers and gamers, whether they are being chased by ghosts or not.

Who knows, though, maybe this could prove to be a great work out for those with a lack of motivation. A player may walk a whole marathon in just a mere amount of stages! Take that, Wii Fit?