Rumors: Ghost Reporting in

A Ghost-centered Call of Duty Prequel in the works? Well that's what's being talked about rumor-wise lately. A lot of rumors with that Infinity Ward is working on the next Call of Duty which will take part in the past and focus on MW2's Ghost and how he became a member of Task Force 141. While these are just rumors, Infinity Ward's Community Manager's Robert Bowling has not confirmed but has not denied anything.

In addition it looks like that since it is Infinity Ward, it could be likely that if the rumors were true, they will build it on the Modern Warfare 2 game engine. This is awesome if you ask me, because Ghost is one of my favorite characters from the COD series. He was cool-headed and took no guff even from gun-totting militia members in Brazil. So I'm looking forward to a game that stars the man who I call "The Chuck Norris" of the Call of Duty franchise.