PS Vita Games show up at Tokyo Game Show, Shape Looks Oddly Familiar

At the Tokyo Game Show, companies like Sony and Nintendo are displaying their latest games and soon-t0-be-released consoles. One of the most interesting things coming out of TGS is the Playstation Vita. Now, when it comes to portable handheld consoles, I'm a Nintendo fanboy (despite I own the first generation DS that's the size of a brick and sometimes I am skeptic of buying a 3DS). But when the images of Sony's booth at the show were shown on the internet, I noticed something about the Playstation Vita's games.

As you can see above and here on Joystiq's article, the Playstation Vita is no longer doing the whole discs-in-cases of the PSP's UMD format and going for something that looks oddly familiar. It looks like a 3DS game cartridge mixed with one of the memory cards I use in my DSLR camera. Maybe it's just me, but it does make you think. Years ago, we thought the cutting edge of gaming consoles had to always be on compact discs, and a console that usedcartridgeswas predicted to be left in the dust.

But in these days of flash memory cards and DLC downloads and streaming software, I guess that's no longer a valid thing to think off. However, that is just my personal thought about it.