Gears of War 3 Achievement Challenge Commences on Release Day

Whenever a big game is released, likely there is going to be a slew of achievement challenge contests out there. Well here's a big one for the release of Gears of War 3, brought to you by 360voice.comand it is called The Brotherhood Achievement Challenge. This contest will havewinners awarded $10,000 in prizes. The registration is open to everyone (regardless of region) and is currently going on. It will end October 7th.

So what are the new details of the challenge? You can get the full detailson 360voice's site for the whole of it. Basically, gamers can create and join brotherhoods of up to 40 gamers. During the time of the contest, you and your brothers have to earn the highest, combined total, gamerscores.

While there is a brotherhood element to the contest, there is an individual aspect as well for brotherhood recruiters. If a recruiter can sign on a Gears player (whethertheir account Silver or Gold) they can accumulate points for themselves, where the highest will achieve prizes as well. It will be three points for goldrecruitsand one point for silver recruits (provided the silver accounts has at least 50G in Gears and the gold has at least 1G in Gears).

If you want to join in on this highly intense and prize-loaded challenge all you have to do is sign up here. Good luck!