Hype for the upcoming Battlefield 3 release gets an added boost today, as the Physical Warfare Pack Trailer has been posted across the Internet. The newest Battlefield 3 promotional release highlights some of the games newest weapon classes, and demonstrates their devastating impact. EA is trying to demonstrate the intensive thought that went into making the game, and with recent increases in competition between EA and Activision this trailer is meant to display the best attributes of Battlefield 3.

Three devastating weapons are highlighted by the video, and I must admit that the game play and weapon classes are more than impressive; they are downright amazing. The type 88 LMG is introduced by a drop shot accompanied by at least a quad spray, and the weapon features a high rate of fire with a large ammo clip.

Next, the trailer introduces audiences to the flash suppressor which allows snipers to stay hidden as they pick off enemy targets. It appears that the flash suppressor is going to come in handy during online matches, and more than likely will be one of my favorites.

The final weapon displayed by the Physical Warfare Pack Trailer is something straight out of a Special Forces movie. The DAO-12 shotgun is a semi-auto shotgun that features a drum style magazine for increased ammo capabilities. The video displays the DAO-12 in action as it mows down rows of enemies in rapid succession. This weapon is no joke, and if you see someone with it online do not get within his/her firing range.

It is extremely apparent that Battlefield 3 has been designed with the top of the FPS audience in mind. Seeing that it is competing with Modern Warfare 3, it needs to be of the highest quality, and from what I can tell they have accomplished what they set out to do. Battlefield 3 hits shelves October 25, 2011, and do not hesitate to get yours before they sell out.


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