Plants VS Zombies: Arcade Version

I first came across this game when my youngest brother, who is now nine-years-old, was glued to the computer screen protecting his house from the swarm of zombies for hours on end. I then downloaded the game on my Mac, Xbox, then purchased for my brother on the ipad and for his DS. We became addicted as soon as the game was offered in just about every way possible. And most recently in China Shunxiang Technology released an arcade version of the game. While the graphics on the arcade edition of Plants Vs. Zombies is relatively close the PopCaps original art, the gameplay veers far off from the original game. The arcade game allows up to four players to annihilate the zombies. The zombies walk across the screen while the four players shoot them down with pea shooters, making it basically a shooting game. The arcade version is completely unauthorized, which was discovered by Arcade Heroes when they contacted PopCap. Luckily, the game varies drastically so we arent missing out and can still fight off the zombies from the comfort of our ipads.