Sony finally revealed all about the PlayStation 4 this week at Gamescom 2013. Representatives took to the stage to discuss new features such as the social sharing button and video game streaming partnerships and then went on to announce the release date for the PlayStation 4 console.

Whilst Microsoft failed to reveal any more details on their next gen console the Xbox One, Sony was enthusiastic to give fans peace of mind by announcing the release day for the PlayStation 4 in different regions.

The PlayStation 4 will be launched in a total of 32 countries this year (almost three times as many as Microsoft's 13 for the Xbox One) and will reach stores and homes on 15th November in the United States and 29th November in Europe.

Other dates have not yet been revealed.

Sony also announced plans to help gamers transition from one generation to the other by offering discounts on games when a gamer already owns a current gen version. For example, those with a copy of Call of Duty Ghosts, Assassins' Creed Black Flag or Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 3 will get a discount when buying the corresponding game for the next gen PlayStation 4.