PlayStation Now

In the distant past of 2012, Sony purchased the Gaikai streaming service, and it looks like they have finally released plans to put the $380 million purchase to good use. At CES 2014 this year, a consumer electronics trade show, Sony showed and revealed exactly what they have done with the new technology they've purchased, and it could certainly be a game changer to the games industry.

Andy House, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment revealed that PlayStation Now is a new video game streaming service that will allow users to stream and play video games on a wide range of different devices.

By using cloud hosting services, users will be able to stream video games and play them on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, among other devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The new PlayStation Now service will not be a part of the main PS Plus subscription package, and users will have to use a new payment method to make use of PlayStation Now.

Players will be able to “rent out” particular titles on the store for a certain amount of time, which will allow them to stream it through cloud services and play it on a wide variety of devices. When the rent period runs out, the game will no longer be playable. Alternatively, players can pay a subscription fee to play through a selection of different titles.

Details on pricing and subscriptions are far and few at the moment, but more information about PlayStation Now is bound to come out closer to its official release.