Titanfall 12 Players

Titanfall has so far been predicted to be the game that will slay the FPS giants, and has shown a lot of very interesting gameplay elements that really could make it a unique first person shooter experience.

Unfortunately, it may not be the game for everyone. Some news has recently come in about the multiplayer details on Titanfall, and one bit of information in particular has caused a bit of distress for the average Battlefield or Call of Duty fan.

Respawn Entertainment's guy in charge, Vince Zampella has taken to twitter to announced that Titanfall will only be a 12 person game. Vince stated "6v6 is max player count. Turned out to be the best balance with AI for us."

Being a huge fan of the small team combat in most Halo game modes, this really didn't bother me much, but I can understand why a player who enjoys intense 32 to 64 player combat may be a little upset about this new discovery.

The only thing I can say to these people is that Titanfall is meant to be a game changer - it's going to have certain rules and mechanics that you may be scared to try first, but if Respawn didn't take the initiative to change these things, then it would just end up like another Call of Duty.

Before we all frown at the idea of 6-aside multiplayer, let's give it a rest and give ourselves an actual verdict on Respawn's decision when the game is actually out.