playstation store saleIf you are looking into buying a new game for the PlayStation 4, you may want to head on over to the PlayStation store as Sony have just put up a selection of games for a discounted price.

The new games are available for any PlayStation owners with internet access, and the sales will be running till October 8th - these new sales will not affect the PlayStation Plus line up in anyway, as the October PS Plus games will go live on the 8th of October too.

The first title on discount is Child of Light for PlayStation 4, it can currently be purchased for £7.99 or $8.95 Australian dollars. Basement Crawl is also available for £3.29/$5.95. Don't Starve can be purchased for a reduced price, along with a range of other console titles including Entwined, Escape Plan Flower and flOw. The most notable games for sale include Oddworld New N' Tasty, Outlast, Surgeon Simulator and Rogue Legacy.

All of the aforementioned games also have an extra 10% discount to anybody who has a PS Plus subscription, however Outlast can also be picked up for an extra 20% off if you have a PS Plus subscription.

There are dozens of other games on sale now too, including games for the PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita, so if you've got some cash to spare, I'd definitely suggest checking out the PlayStation Network store now.

Remember, these offers will last till October 8th, at which point the free PS Plus loyalty games will be made available.