We arent called Evil Controllers for an ambiguous reason. People forget that we can be evil, due to our accessible gaming products, and our dedication to our customers. Accordingly, we like to remind ourselves of our evil standards. Recently, our web designer felt the need to take a vacation for his Fathers wedding. Fair enough, it was a good reason, but vacations do not go unnoticed at the office, and a welcome back prank had to be set into motion.

The floor of his office was completely covered with cups of water the day he was due to return to work, a whopping 1200 in total. Imagine his surprise when he walks into the office clear-headed only to find that he is literally unable to enter his workspace. The prank went off flawlessly as Evil Courtney and Evil Carlos secretly filmed the whole event and our web designers reaction.

The video is on our Evil Controllers YouTube channel for you to see our evil side. You can also view all of our other videos, leave comments, and share them with your friends. So go check it out, and dont take any vacations that the boss might find out about. Evil consequences meet those that do!

View the prank video here, have an evil day!