The new 15 minute Bioshock Infinite Demo has been released to the public.

Found here in Gametrailers, their show GT.TV with Geoff Keighley got to talk with Bioshock Infinite creator Ken Levine about its Infinite's production and also to debut a 15-minute demo that was only previously seen by choice members of the press. From what I have seen, this looks like to be 2012's Game of the Year and it's only July 2011!

I've been waiting for all this week for the debut and I have to say that the wait was worth it. This Bioshock demo trailer not only shows gameplay but also content of what the story and situation is like in the American dystopia floating city called Columbia.


So basically the trailer opens up with former Pinkerton Agent Booker escorting the unexplained-powers-using Elizabeth through an abandoned patriotic notions store to gather supplies. Unfortunately they get a close encounter with Elizabeth's overzealous Big Daddy-like caretaker "the Songbird". After nearly escaping, they venture towards the house of the man who could help Elizabeth control her powers, Zachary Comstock. There, Elizabeth tries to revive a horse, only to briefly open a rift in time to 1983. Part 1 ends.

This was showing to us that Elizabeth, while trying to be a strong woman, isn't happy with what was gifted to her. She doesn't understand it and can't control it. Very complex if you ask me. Typically female roles in video games are the damsel in distress or "I can take care of myself, thank you very much" macho girl. Elizabeth here is somewhere in between. She at the same time understands and questions her powers while needing an answer.

We venture on to what seems to be a part of Columbia where the communist faction "Vox Populi" have taken over completely. To describe the Vox is to quote Anthony Bourdain: "these people look at home at an anarchist rally in Thompson Square Park". They are violent, rude, and prone to do anything to spread their message of communism. While Booker and Elizabeth do their best to stay low, Booker makes things worse when he stops anexecution of a innocent mailman. After that, well...lets just say you have to watch the rest of the trailer to find out.

All I can say is that it's worth fifteen minutes of your life to see what looks to be next year's best FPS title. Sohead on over to Gametrailers and watch what is happening in the dystopia of Columbia.