There is a huge market for pre-owned games currently. It offers a way for gamers to grab games cheaper than prices for new games, and allows retailers to generate profit from circulating old stock and older games. It keeps companies like GameStop from stopping, but as the next generation of consoles leans closer, a lot of gamers and those in the gaming industry have wondered what will become of second hand games.

Microsoft revealed a bit about how second hand games will work on the new Xbox One at their launch event, and whilst they didn't go into full detail, there are bad things about the news, and slightly good things.

According to Microsoft, the new Xbox will require users to install a game after purchasing it, and this will then lock that game to the Xbox account. For other gamers to then use and install this game on their system, they will have to pay a fee for it to install.

Details on how much this fee will cost is currently unknown, but if it isn't too expensive, it'd mean second hand gaming is still an option, and games developers can still profit of reselling of games.

It is good news that the new Xbox doesn't prohibit second hand gaming like many had feared, but it does mean that it will end up costing gamers more than it currently does on the Xbox 360.