Rockstar Games has recently given details on special editions for the new upcoming GTA V, and special edition games are now available for pre-order through various retailers.

There will be a total of two different special edition versions of GTA V, one costing $80, whilst the other will cost $150.

Any players who pre-order either of the special editions will receive access to the pre-order only Atomic Blim aircraft. The $80 Special Edition will come with a Steel-book case, a blueprint map of GTA V, a special agility boost that can regenerate Micheal, Franklin, and Trevor's agility bar 25% faster, more stunt plane missions dotted around the game world, bonus tattoos and outfits, and a Pistol .50, a Bullpup shotgun and a melee hammer.

The Collector's Edition will include everything the Special Edition has, as well as a Rockstar themed Security Deposit Bag, a "New Era 9FIFTY" Snapback, custom playable characters for Grand Theft Auto Online, unique '30s Hotknife hotrod and CarbonRS Sports Bike, and the high-end Khamelion electric car for GTA Online.

Everything will also be packaged in a collector's box.

As you can guess, the $180 price tag certainly gets you a lot of items, both in game and out of game. Some items, like the special edition agility boost sound a bit stingy from Rockstar as it allows players to get an advantage over others by playing, but other than that, most items seem pretty harmless when it comes to online play, and shouldn't affect gameplay to the point where special edition owners gain a considerable advantage over standard edition players.