Gears of War 3 has over 1 million preorders.

Just when you think Epic Games couldn't get anymore Epic, Gears of War 3 has solid proof that it is going to be a hit. Reported by Gamespot Article, Epic Games has acquired over 1 million preorders worldwide. This beats out the fastest time of any Xbox 360 title game to date, even titles like Halo: Reach.

While originally to be released this summer, GOW3 was pushed to September 20th. With the delay, it gave Epic more time to tweak the game while giving a lengthy beta for the game that stretched from April to the middle of May. With over 1.29 million people worldwide partaking in the beta, the beta community racked over 249 years worth of gameplay. People are getting excited for this game by just the beta and four player co-op campaign mode (a franchise first), there's no question that the game is going to be a smash hit that you can put money on.

As for preorders, there are three types of Gears of War 3 games to preorder on. Standard which goes for $60, Limited for $80, and Epic that stands at $150. The limited edition of the game will include an Octus Award Box with Octus Service Medal, a code for an Adam Fenix multiplayer skin, personal records for Marcus' father, and a fabric COG flag.
Epic will include the limited edition's contents along side a behind the scenes book by Tom Bissell, in-game content like Infected Omen Weapon Packs, multiplayer skins for the lancer, retro-lancer, hammerburst, sawed off shotgun, and gnasher shotgun. And finally a limited edition Marcus Fenix bust statue, which was made by Chris Perna, Epic's Art Director.

With what Epic's offering in their games and how well taken the beta's gameplay was, it almost no question about Gears of War's upcoming success and a preorder number that high. So if you have any...and I do mean ANY doubts about Gears of War 3, Epic Games has over 1 million reasons on why you should not have any.