Sony has been ramping up their PS Plus member rewards for the last few months and next month the PS Plus member scheme offer Far Cry 3 for absolutely free.

On top of this, the same users will be able to get Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen for the PlayStation 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken and Touch My Katamari for PS Vita.

Unfortunately these games are only available for those located in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

North America perks haven't been announced yet for October, although Sony has recently revealed that October will welcome a Beyond: Two Souls demo that is exclusive to PS Plus members. The demo will be ready to download onto the PlayStation 3 for anyone with a PS Plus membership on October 1st in North America and October 2nd in Europe, one week before its full game release date.

September allowed PS Plus players to grab themselves free digital downloads of Assassins Creed 3, Saint's Row the Third, Payday: The Heist, Urban Trials and New Little Kings Story, and October is looking to be even better.

If you haven't downloaded this month's free PS Plus games you'll have till September 25th before they are replaced with October's lineup.