New PS3 Super Slim Console

It seems that we might be getting another PS3, yes not a PS4 but another model of the current PS3 in the near future. This piece of news was concluded from documents that had been submitted to the Federal Communications Commission by Sony.


The upcoming series has been filed under the tag of CECH-4001x thus making it the 4000 series while the current model is the 3000 series. Although no one has claimed that there is going to be a slimmer model, most of us can already guess that would be the case. Anytime Sony launches another model it basically is just a slimmer version of the original.


It seems these documents contained a series of pictures which pitted the future model against the current. From the direct comparison it was seemingly quite clear that this rumored 4000 series was slimmer than the PS3 Slim and thus, a "super slim" version of the original.


It seems critics are speculating that if this rumored model is actually real, then it will be revealed at Gamescom this year. Considering that the PS3 Slim was also revealed at Gamescom, this speculation might not be that far off mark.


What I am wondering is, would it be just a slimmer (and cheaper?) version of the current PS3 Slim, or is it going to have other changes as well? What do you guys think? Would you consider buying it if it is just a Super Slim PS3?

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Blog Written by Shahriar Azad