Final Fantasy VII PC Re-Release

For some time now rumors had been going about that there would be a HD remake of Final Fantasy VII and that it would be available on Steam. Although we haven't heard anything tangible yet that would support this assumption, we did get news regarding FFVII.

Recently Square Enix has officially confirmed the PC re-release of the original FFVII via a website they put up.  The game will be arriving to their online store in the near future as a downloadable game.

According to the website there seems to be 3 major improvements:

(1) 36 new achievements to unlock and basically compare amongst friends

(2) A 'Character Booster' which will allow players to increase the HP, MP and GIL of a character to MAX - presumably to reduce difficulty of the game.

(3) Lastly, cloud saves. I really don't know if it is mere co-incidence or Square Enix is trying to be funny.

Square Enix has further clarified what exactly to expect from this game quite recently. It seems that this re-release is based on the same port as the previous PC release. However, it will still boast better detailed characters and monsters in both in game fight sequences and cut-scenes. The backgrounds and CG movies on the other hand will be just the same as before.

They have also listed out the minimal PC requirements (not like it matters) - Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64 bit), 2 GH Processor, 1 GB RAM and Graphics card with DirectX 9 compatibility.

Keep in mind that this will just be a re-release; it doesn't have any new cut-scenes, no HD beautification and no new characters. But hey, the game is still awesome and I know a lot of us are going to wind up getting it!

No release date has been officially announced and it been left with the tag "Coming Soon". The game is also rumored to be sold at $12 on release. Check out the official trailer:

Blog Written by Shahriar Azad