PS4 Launch

On February 20th, Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4. Well, there wasn't actually a physical unveiling of the console, much to everyone's dismay, however details on the PS4's hardware specifications and it's future capabilities were shown and revealed, as well as a few launch titles for the console. If you're not all that interested in what actually makes the PS4 tick, and are more interested in what games the next-gen Sony console will have to offer at launch, then you're in for a treat as Sony spent a lengthy amount of time showing off some next gen titles that will hopefully reach retail this holiday season.

Exclusive- Knack

Knack follows the adventures of a cartoon-style 3D robot in a world perhaps similar to Final Fantasy or the Xbox 360's launch title, Blue Dragon many years ago. Little details have been revealed about this title, but the one screenshot above shows that even cartoony graphics will look extra good on the PS4.

Exclusive- Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone games have been the go-to Sony exclusive game for a while, but on the PlayStation 3 Resistance seemed to take its place. Killzone will be back for its fourth installment on the PS4 though, and the visuals look spectacular. Will the gameplay be just as good? We'll have to wait and see.

Exclusive- The Witness

Another puzzle game from the genius that is Jonathan Blow, the developer for the popular Braid. The Witness supposedly features around 25 hours of puzzle madness all experienced within a first person vision. The Witness will be an exclusive to the Sony PlayStation 4, at least for a while anyway.

Exclusive- InFamous: Second Son

The first four InFamous game were quite the blast, and there's no reason to believe that the fifth in the series won't offer an even better experience. With new hardware and extra capabilities of the PS4, InFamous: Second Son is bound to be the best PS4 exclusive action game for a long time.

Watch Dogs

After the Watch Dogs presentation at E3 2012, excitement and impatience grew in a lot of gamers, and it's now been revealed that the game will be featured as a launch title for the PlayStation 4.


Every console launch needs a driving game, and unfortunately they don't tend to be that good, however DriveClub seems rather interesting for the fact that it forces an in-car view whilst playing, giving players the most realistic and immersive driving experience ever. We've seen this car view in games before, but never in this much detail.

Deep Down

Deep Down is a medieval based game that will include everything we've expected so far from the medieval genre: dragons, swords, brutal fights, and incredibly strong knights. The game is currently under development by Capcom, so it may not make it to PS4 by launch, but the developers are certainly working loosely towards that time period.


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