PS4 Will Continue to Get First Party Games till 2025

Sony plans to continue developing first-party games for the PS4 until 2025, so you don’t need to sell your PS4 just yet. The primary reason why Sony decided to extend the PS4s life is the shortage of PS5 consoles. If you are a PlayStation enthusiast and have been following any news regarding it, you will know that PS5 are not easily available. Scalping and the shortage of important chips used in the console are among the main reasons why many people haven’t been able to buy the PS5 so far.

The fact that many vendors are charging 800 to 1000 Dollars for a 500 Dollar console make matters even worse. All of these reasons have caused Sony to revise its strategies and extend the PS4s life for a few more years. Initially, the plan was to discontinue third party games by the end of 2022, but things have changed massively.

This could mean that many games that were only releasing for the PS5 may become available for the PS4 as well. Many of the latest games like Cyber Punk and Horizon: Zero Dawn came with PS4 versions, which proves that Sony has not given up on its previous gen consoles just yet.

What Does this Mean for the PS5?

Despite being available for hefty prices, thousands of people have been buying the PS5 just to play exclusive games. While these games have improved graphics, haptic feedback and faster load times, they are not much different from their last-gen versions. This shows that game developers have not utilized the PS5’s true potential so far and are holding it back.

The main reason game studios are refraining from utilizing the true potential of the PS5 is because millions of people are still using the PS4, so it doesn’t make sense to release two vastly different versions of the same game. This trend will most likely continue until 2025, after which you will see the true potential of Sony’s next-gen console.

Latest Games That Could Come with PS4 Versions

With the news that PS4 will get first-party games all but confirmed, you may see many studios porting their “PS5 only games to the PS4”. Initially, Santa Monica Studio announced that God of War Ragnarock would only be released for the PS5. However, the studio changed its stance and decided to release the game on PS4 as well.

Games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Assassins Creed Valhalla, and Cyber Punk also got PS4 versions and it would not be a surprise to see Gotham Knights, Spider-Man 2, and other games on last-gen consoles. Needless to say, the PS4 still has some life, and if you haven’t been able to buy a PS5 so far, you can wait for 3 more years without worrying about missing out on the latest games.