What to Expect from the Xbox/Bethesda Showcase?

Microsoft recently made an announcement, stating that the team at Xbox will be hosting a showcase planned for June 2022. This showcase will without a doubt offer PC and Xbox gamers a detailed look at upcoming titles in 2022 and the future. A large number of the titles announced in the previous Xbox and Bethesda showcases were met with high praise and gamers remain hopeful that this year’s event will live up to the hype.

Numerous well-renowned studios have been hard at work, trying to make Xbox the go-to console for gamers and it seems their efforts have not been in vain. Ever since Sony started releasing exclusive games, Xbox sales took a massive hit. However, this console is rising back up with a vengeance and will go toe to toe against Sony. Acquiring Activision studios was a message of intent from Microsoft and people have been speculating that more gamers will lean towards Xbox in the future.

Obsidian and Bethesda Game Studios are arguably the most notable video game developers for Xbox and they plan to release new titles in the near future. Some gamers even think that the studios could announce their games in the June 2022 showcase.

What do we know so far?

So far, gamers have only seen snippets, leaks, and trailers of the upcoming Xbox video games. There have also been some interviews given by developers, where they have offered a close insight about upcoming titles. According to several industry insiders, the upcoming showcase could feature, in-game footage, details regarding gameplay, gadget announcements, and much more.

Could Starfield Make an Appearance?

The next role-playing game Bethesda plans to release is known as Starfield. The rumored date for this game’s release is around the 11th of November in 2022. There is a massive likelihood that June 2022s showcase will feature a deep dive into the title’s gameplay footage. With the game almost 7 months away, people have been wondering what the experience could be like. Many have compared Starfield to Skyrim, but in space and they are eager to experience the title themselves.

What about Call of Duty?

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft acquired Activision, which was massive news in the gaming world. Call of Duty games have been available for both Playstation and Xbox players so far. Now, however, the gaming community believes that COD will become an Xbox exclusive. The Xbox/Bethesda showcase in June could shed some light on these rumors and the future of Call of Duty. Even if COD does not become an Xbox exclusive, there is a huge likelihood that certain in-game features will only be available for those who own an Xbox.