rainbow six siege launches


Rainbow Six Siege has finally come out of open beta and has launched officially on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The new Rainbow Six title focuses on online multiplayer gameplay and includes a number of different operators that players can unlock and choose between.

During the betas, the amount of operators and maps available was limited. Now that Rainbow Six Siege has reached full release, we can talk about all of the operators and maps that are available at launch.

It has been revealed the Ubisoft has loaded Rainbow Six Siege with 20 operators and 10 different maps at launch. All of the operators have been seen in previous betas, although this is the first time they've all been unlockable together. There are a lot of maps in this beta that have never been seen before.

On top of the launch content, Ubisoft has listed their dedication to supporting Rainbow Six Siege after launch. Interestingly, a large team of 80 developers will be working on post launch content for Siege to ensure that the game has a long life span. During the first year of post launch content, we'll see eight new operators, four new maps and new primary and secondary weapons. New game modes and cosmetic items are also planned for post launch content.

Rainbow Six Siege does have a season pass but the operators, and most likely the maps, will be available for free. When it concerns the operators, each new OP will cost 25,000 renown or a certain amount of R6 credits, which is a microtransaction system in Siege.