Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass 2 Available

Rainbow Six Siege is hitting a new season, a new year, and a new season pass.

The new season pass will cost $30 and will give players upfront free access to some of the content that Ubisoft has planned for the next year. It looks as if Ubisoft are planning to make Rainbow Six Siege a long term investment - instead of developing a new Rainbow Six title, they'll put their efforts into releasing more content for Siege, and that involves lining up features to fill up the season pass offering.

The 2nd season pass will include 8 new operators which will be once again split up into groups of 2 across 4 different seasons during 2017. 8 Exclusive headgear customization options, as well as 8 new outfits, an R6 Carbon charm, and 600 R6 credits for in-game purchases will be included in the season pass as soon as a player purchases it.

Purchasing the season pass will also give players access to a range of VIP perks - these will remain active until February 2018, at which point we expect Ubisoft to release a third season pass, so long as their second year running goes smoothly.

The VIP perks include a 1-week early access to the new operators, a 10% discount on any items in the shop, a permanent 5% renown boost and 2 extra daily challenges until February 2018.

The new pass will replace the year 1 pass - going forward, the only way to purchase the year 1 operators will be via either of the available Rainbow Six Siege currencies.