This week, an announcement was made to reveal the upcoming games for September's Games with Gold campaign, a new scheme that gives two free games to Gold members each and every month.

Like previously, the first half of the month will open a window to download the first game, and starting from the 16th September to the end of September, the first game window will close and the second one will open up, allowing Gold members to download the second game.

This month, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas and Magic 2013 will be available for free. Whilst Rainbow Six Vegas is a very old game and was released back in 2006, Magic 2013 is a pretty new game, so if you're into the gameplay that the Magic series offers, this month's offering of free games in the Xbox LIVE Games with Gold campaign is pretty decent.

Magic 2013 can usually be bought online brand new for $9.99 and includes a previously unseen multiplayer version. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six can be bought for $19.99 brand new and for a few pennies used, and is an enjoyable team based strategy shooter. The game also includes multiplayer action.

To be able to enjoy these games you will need an Xbox 360 with a large enough hard drive to store these games as they will need to be downloaded to your console and will play locally, even when you are not connected to Xbox LIVE.