Hidden Gems for the PS2 like Godhand Are Coming the PSN

Kotaku gave us some great and unexpected news, as Sony has launched a campaign on the Playstation Network called "Only on PSN". This campaign will promote various genres of games like Move games, indie games, and rare PS2 games. When I heard about this, I was wondering what they deemed as "rare PS2 games". I mean are we talking about "great games on the PS2 that I'd have to pay out of nose to get a legit copy on eBay?" or we talking about "games that I can probably find at the local flea market next to the chewed up PS2 controllers"?

Thankfully it's the first choice. As the list of "rare PS2 games" includes titles likeOdin Sphere as well as the classic brawlerGod Hand (which in my opinion is probably the most hilarious and misunderstood PS2 game of ALL TIME). There are other rare games coming down the line including more of my favorites like Ring of Red and Maximo. These games will be available on October 4th and from now on, every first Tuesday of every month will include new games for the campaign.

Now if they can only do rare PS1 games as well. People need to hear about the awesome Pepsi Man game.