New Addition to our Pro-Series:

Sensitive Buttons - These buttons reduce the amount of time it takes for your ABXY buttons to register. On ordinary controllers the amount of time it takes for your buttons to press against the board is increased due to an unnecessary piece of plastic and rubber that was in the original design. This mod removes all unnecessary aspects of your controllers design to remove all lag from your inputs. At the same time it ensure that it doesnt damage the board within with our Evil tailored solution.

The numbers: Your standard OEM controller takes 160 grams of force to register an ABXY input. The Evil Controller with Sensitive buttons requires only 2 NANO GRAMS!

Sensitive Triggers - With Sensitive Triggers, Evil Controllers will customize your triggers to increase the sensitivity while it also improves speed and performance drastically.

The numbers: Input your trigger commands by clicking them in halfway rather then all the way.